Monday, January 25, 2010

True Colors - one more time in the Breeze

Yes, I am revisiting my favorite book, True Colors, and today looking at the "White Book" which Lynn Perrella originated. When I saw the pages by the various artists, they took my breath away.

White is an interesting color to work with and there are so many variations. However, white is daunting to me and I have done only one layout on facing pages. I used pages from Martha Stewart's Living and cut out an image of Vichyssoise. I layered the pages in different white scrapbook papers and then found a beautiful crocheted flower.

This page I called "Cold Soup"

And of course I had to use a little clip art ... what would white be without a wedding party? I did use a gold leaf pen to decorate the sides of this piece....

The right side I called White Marsh (I don't have a clue where or why I came up with that name). The white lace is from my Grandmother's stash of lace. I loved how it had stained and yellowed...

I need to run and get dinner..... but one last item. I love our blogland and sometimes a special surprise comes when I look and see that someone signed up to follow life in the Honeysuckle Breeze here. I always click to see who it is and usually, if they have a blog, go over to visit. I found a very special one the other day, called Fabric Photo Memories. Not what I expected. I went over and there was Lovey's Grandmother's sewing machine. My heard skipped a beat. I have my Grandmother's sewing machine and this photo is for Lovey...... Grandma's sewing machine in my hall way. Go over and visit Lovey and say Hi!

Grandma's gone - 1987. Thank you Grandma - I have cherished it all these years and think of you everyday when I see it.


Terri said...

Marlynn, I love your post, again.
The white page is so expressive! You did a fab job on it.
I too had my grandmothers sewing machine and it looked just like this one. It went to someone else in the family.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have my grandmother's New Home, too. I love it so much better than the Singer, which didn't have a skirt.

I really like your white pages. I made a White book in a challenge from "barf" bags I got during a plane trip one year. It was the most fun of all the colors. Start looking and you'll see white everywhere.

Nathalie Thompson said...

Your white page is beautiful! I love both "Cold Soup" and "White Marsh". Makes PERFECT sense to me!
I have always wanted to do a true colors book. Monochrome collages are fun to create.

My great grandmother sewed on a treadle machine. Even when she had cateracts, I remember seeing her bent over the machine, her nose within inches of the needle (to see), feet pumping the treadle as she made sturdy play clothes for me from double polyester. I can only assume that my great aunt has the sewing machine now.

Lovey said...

Oh My!...Marylynn...Your post sent chills through my soul! I absolutely love your wonderful words and of course your "Grandmother's" Beautiful Sewing Machine in the Hallway. Simply Amazing! What an Honor we have to share such a unique and special treasure! My Heart to Yours...Lovey

Cindy La Ferle said...

Again, fabulous book ... you've inspired me to take it from the shelf for another look. Your white page is gorgeous and fresh. Love the "Cold Soup." Love it all.

As it happens, hubby and I are redoing our master bedroom in whites and creams. The scheme is so soothing. And we're using all-white sheets in different textures.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

such a lovely post dear Marlynn
AND your white pages = wonderful with your dear Grandma's lace too!
White Marsh sounds like something from Masterpiece Theatre
Your cold soup almost looks like "butter" soup :)
off to check out the new link