Thursday, June 4, 2009

Me a NASCAR Sweetheart???? Nope

While my dear dear nephew Aaron was here for a week I got to do something I will never do again. Read my lips. No, like Never.... Never..... Does this photo look like I am having fun? Yes, Aaron and I went to a NASCAR race in Dover, DE, (a 2 1/2 hour drive from home and a 2 1/2 hour drive back). We had to leave at 8:45 am. Why? Who knows, I told Aaron not to push the envelope too much or he would be traveling alone and selling my ticket at the race.

Yes, he had two comp tickets, thanks to Autism Speaks, and they were expensive and in the 21st row up and up and up. Who knew, the higher up the seats the better. Do tell, a whole other world I don't have a clue about.

Well, we made record time. The Bay Bridge was fun to drive over. A little excitement. Kind of threw Aaron for a loop when he saw how long it was. Do you realize, some people cannot drive across it and can get assistance to have someone drive them over the bridge. Made it to Dover by noon time and then proceeded to find a parking place along with 100,000 fans. A 100,000 fans. We did (on the advice of a coworker) park in a local yard for $20. A bargain.

Then we got to look down on semi-trucks. Lots and Lots of semis belonging to someone. They were pretty cool. I thought the best one was Crowne Royal. Really a nice purple.

And next up a Parade..... yes, a Parade, need I say more? Yes, you are looking at a trash collector truck or something like maybe?

Then we got to watch all these little cars race 400 laps around the Monster Mile. 400 laps. I helped count down the laps on the big clock in the middle of the track. 400 MILES... no less. However, there was a cute M & M car but it had a driver that most of the crowd didn't like. I loved the little car.

Yes, there is no doubt there was 100,000 people there, no doubt, and some big cameras. When Aaron's father called right before the race (Oh, I didn't tell you about the noise and big ear plugs, did I?) I told him, my brother, to look for the orange hat in the crowds with a hand held high and a third finger held even higher. That would be my message to my beloved brother.

I did tell Aaron if the race wasn't over by 6pm to give me the keys and he could hitch a ride home. Well, the race did end at 6:00pm and I have to admit the last 15 minutes were exciting when Jimmy Johnson came from behind to win. However, I had been sitting there from 12:45 pm until 6:00 pm. Think of all the creations I could have been working on.... However, I sucked it in and enjoyed my visit with my nephew on the track.... One interesting event happened. On the way home through Delaware into Maryland on a Sunday late afternoon/early evening, people sit in their front yards waving at drivers. Hmmmm, a Stephen King novel or Deliverance? Not sure, I told Aaron not to stop the can no matter what.

It is always nice to come home and then get to visit with Oliver. He had such a nice hair cut..... he and Aaron bonded and we all lived happily ever after.

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Terri said...

I haven't done NASCAR since I was a child...and I don't miss it yet. My sister though, just loves it. You are a great Aunt! Your dog and nephew are both adorable!