Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tags, Plays, and Concerts - oh my

It has been a busy weekend. Not much created but much got accomplished. On Saturday I worked on creating a tag for a birthday gift, organizing the craft room, grocery shopping, washing quilts and curtains, and went out to dinner and a play.

Sunday was devoted to finishing the tag and Samantha's violin concert. As usual she played really well - really well. I was so proud of her.

This is the first time at a concert that she has led the group in a song which is a credit to her playing......

Now on to my creation I did manage to get accomplished between doing the laundry. The things we must do ... oh my! I made this tag for a friend of mine who is having a birthday this week. I put together a small gift bag with items I thought he could use on his journey through his psychic dreams and adventures in his own world.

Yes, I remember my journeys back then as I walked through the years trying to figure out the big "what-in-the-world is it all about" out there and what is my role in the greater scheme of things? Oh my. It does take up a lot of emotional energy to go to those places. Aging is fun. Been there - done that - and sometimes don't give a damn. I'm smiling really big right now. Serenity in age is good.

This tag took two days to really work on. I began by just layering old dictionary pages and papers using Claudine Hellmuth's Studio multi-medium matte. I had this wonderful 2x2 frame but no memory glass so I used acetate. The image is from ArtChix. The key is a Tim Holtz creation. I love those keys and need to find some more which I believe Michael's has just started carrying.

(As a side note: on another blog I have an alter ego - yes she is a grand old dame and an entertaining one at that if I say so myself and i do. I won't introduce you to her because she may embarrase me. Do tell. She seems to like to cook a lot - especially with the young ones) .....

I do like the way the tag turned out even tho a little sick. But it is cloudy and drizzly and a little grey! Puts one in the mood everyday.

On a closing note, I am excited to say I was able to sign up (successfully) for a Claudine Hellmuth workshop on April 18 at the Queen's Ink. This workshop is called "Collage Discovery Workshop" and we will learn a few of Claudine's "favorite background techniques, image transfer methods using b/w and color photocopies, using household materials as art supplies, discussions about artist block and other skills needed for fulfilling art making."

Since this class, is obviously inspired by her book, Collage Discovery Workshop, and no surprise to you I am sure, I have it it will be so fun to now experience these technique with the author. This is a great book and her teaching method in the book is excellent. I am, again, so excited. This was one of the first books I bought dealing with a wide variety of collage techniques. Can't wait.

As I mentioned above, I used Claudine's multi-medium matte for the gluing on the above tag. I love her products and highly recommend them. I am like so over Mod Podge - nothing quite compares to Claudine's product. Well, need to run, have a good week and I will check back in with you soon! Oh Claudine, I am so happy you moved to this area! I really am!

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