Friday, January 10, 2014

Altered Book Lovers - Hello

My blog buddy Elizabeth over at Altered Book Lover can guilt me better than anyone else I know. Love her blog. Have had such fun over the years emailing (when she had an email), sharing art, sharing cards, and just laughing over the blogland universe. Recently, I sent her a small box that included a number of items such as one of my notebooks I make and call  "make it your own," a DVD, a book, etc. In her note on my blog, she once again implored me to please post more often.  Since she is not on the social media, she does not catch me on Facebook or Instagram where I post a lot.  The blog, unfortunately, has taken a back seat to the other social media.

I am not the first to note this. I have had other friends who have left Facebook and Instagram in order to focus on other projects - which could mean their blogging.  Is blogging a thing of the past.  I don't really think so. My problem is that I am literally using my iPhone to take all my photos and these are not downloaded to my computer automatically.  When I was using my digital cameras - I would literally plug that into the computer and just use what I wanted. Now I am not that apple savvy and do not go back and forth between a PC and iPad or iPhone but - I should just suck it up and do what I usually do... I really love my iPhone photo apps - I really do.....

OK - hold on I'm getting back to the main thought -- And that is going to my iPhone and sending photos to my AOL account and then opening those and saving to my computer.  Do you hear me whine? So here are a few photos from the holidays.... Yes, two glorious weeks off and over the holidays, I was able to organize and clean up my craft room.  Will post photos later since they are not downloaded onto this lap top. And after the cleaning, I made a lot of art in two weeks. Oh my was that liberating. Mess upon mess downstairs as I watched and streamed Netflix old TV series to my TV. Have I told you how much I love the 70s show Kolchak - The Night Stalker? I watched all 20 episodes while "creating" -- which meant I also then had to clean up the downstairs mess:

Made two little altered books and got them sent off. The one below was for my blog friend Diane over at My Art Journal as a "trade" for a beautiful Poppy Box she made for me.

And then - I had been saving this box since 2009 when I traveled to NYC and bought a Dunder Mifflin shredder. Been saving it for someone who would appreciate it.... and Elizabeth was lucky "winner."

Also on my two weeks off, I cooked and had a ball doing it.  My friend/neighbor gave me a wonderful rough linen pinafore apron.  Overall it was a fantastic time off, created a lot of art and just want to say Happy New Year to all of you.  Love you all! And as a final note to Elizabeth - you guilt really well, girlfriend! LOL


Janet Ghio said...

I still blog, but have lost lots of followers. I switchd over to bloglovin and have found one big problem with it. On some peoples blogs I am unable to leave a comment if going through bloglovin. I have to go straight to the blog to leave a comment-it's really annoying. I think that is what happens to lots of followers. anyway, glad I follow you on FB so I can see what you are up to.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had NOT intended to guilt you, Marlynn. I just wanted to see more of your smiling, shining face (not shiny; shinING).

I just read Janet's message and had no idea about bloglovin, since I don't get updates that way. I will have to find out if others are experiencing that problem.

And since you wrote about organizing and placing LIKE things together, I decided to create a post I had only THOUGHT about posting on organizing. Thanks for the push dear friend.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hope you don't mind if I show the photo you took of the book you sent on my blog. Camera is not ready for printing just yet.

Marlynn said...

Elizabeth - of course you can use the photo! Hugs

Cindy L said...

Your new work is lovely -- and I always enjoy your blog! Alas, I am one of those people who left Facebook, but have to say ... I've been so much more productive -- like I used to be -- when I am not fiddling with social media. I even got a piece published in Cloth, Paper, Scissors, and was inspired to do more art work and submissions. (Time I would have spent of Facebook...) Anyhoo, I still miss you, and love seeing what you are up to here. Your work is always fantastic! Happy New Year!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You asked about my camera. 1st new Nikon (version 1.0) wouldn't recharge the battery. Took it back and they gave me a new one exactly the same. That was Nikon 1.10 (grin). It recharged exactly THREE times and wouldn't recharge again.

Took 1.10 back to Office Depot with receipt after Christmas. Fully expected them to tell me to send it to Nikon. Instead, told me I could trade it in for a better one. Had to pay nearly double, but got an even better camera I'm calling Nikon 2.0. Love that this one uses rechargeable batteries and doesn't have a charger you have to plug into the camera. Still haven't used any rechargeable batteries, though, because I'm still using the ones that came with it marked "for demonstration purposes only."

Long answer for such a simple question (grin).

Dianne said...

I envy your motivation and ability to organize your studio...and LOVE your little recycled books! they are so cute!